What’s in a Reusable Menstrual Pad?

What’s in a Reusable Menstrual Pad? Fabric is the first thing we think about here at Party In My Pants when creating our reusable cloth pads. When making Party In My Pants cloth pads and liners, we start with the absorbent inside layers (lovingly referred to in production as the “guts” of the pad).

Birdseye cotton

We begin with a birdseye cotton, a highly absorbent yet thin fabric that gets its “birdeye” pattern from its weaving process. It’s insanely breathable and porous, so it’s used to craft anything from men’s formal suits to reusable baby diapers- and serves as the absorbent middle of Party In My Pants cloth pads and liners. Each of the 15 different sizes of our reusable pads and liners gets a specific amount of layers depending on how much absorbency they provide. On top of the birdseye cotton, some of our largest sizes get an additional strip of lusciously soft organic fleece to increase the absorbency even more! We also use this fleece on our Honeysuckles (as the delicate side that goes against your skin), our Cheeky Monkeys (as the soft scrubby side for all skincare needs), and on our organic Beauty Sleepers (as the soft cuddle fleece that covers your eyes)! These two fabrics are a powerhouse pair that have you covered, no matter the flow or where you go! 

Rolls and rolls of all kinds of fabric, taken at Party In My Pants HQ!

Then the fun part comes next- the face fabric! This is the patterned and colorful top layer that you get to pick from when choosing a Party In My Pants reusable pad or liner! We hand-select various cotton and flannel fabrics with different purposes in mind. Some are selected because they are dark and heavily printed, so any stains that may appear are hidden. In contrast, others are lightly patterned so you can easily track your menstrual flow. We provide so many choices because everyone has different preferences, and that’s what’s AH-MAZ-ING about reusable cloth pads– there’s something for everybody and anybody who needs them! 

Reusable menstrual pads are great for ALL menstruators! Whatever styles or colors you prefer, we’ve got you covered!

For more info on the differences between cotton and flannel fabric and which you should choose, check out our last blog post ‘Cotton Crazy or Flannel Frenzy?‘, which dives into the deets on picking between the two! After the face fabric, we add on our waterproof nylon layer, and you’ve got yourself a Party In My Pants reusable menstrual pad

Another important decision when choosing your Party In My Pants product is whether you want to go with an organic fabric choice. While both regular and organic fabric options feel and look the same, organic fabric must undergo rigorous certification to maintain sustainability standards. To be considered 100% organic, the entire production process is vetted- the most crucial part of the process is growing the cotton or flax without pesticides. Also included in the examination is the transportation of the fabric, using low-impact dyes for printing and dying, and the social responsibility of all manufacturers and traders. (click here to read more about this on the GOTS website- this link will take you to another webpage.)  

At the end of the sewing process, threads are snipped, snaps attached, and a quick lint roll finishes it up before we send it out on its journey to you!