Top 6 Mental Health Benefits of Using Cloth Pads

Switching to reusable cloth pads for your menstrual health care creates SO many positive ripple effects! You may be surprised to learn that it’s not your just physical health and well-being that will benefit from this thoughtful choice… there are plenty of positive impacts on your mental health and emotional wellness, as well! Continue reading to learn how reusable cotton pads will fit into a holistic approach to overall well-being, throughout the entire month!

1. You can choose pads to fit YOUR personality!

Our 15 sizes and never-ending fabric choices mean that there’s something for everybody! No more being stuck with a design or image that doesn’t jive with how you identify.  We seek to have something special for anybody who happens to be shopping on our website, whatever their age, style, or gender identity! Our customers range anywhere from parents shopping with their 11-year olds, to get them set up for whenever their first period arrives, to people who have reached menopause but still need pads for occasional spotting or urinary leakage… and EVERYONE in between! We also make sure to have options for those who prefer gender-neutral styles, to make our cloth pads an option for anyone who menstruates!

Rainbows, bunnies, and monkeys… just a few of our favorite things and a handy Tween Tote to go with it!

Shown in our Bitsy Pad size. Photo credit Aria Durward.

2. Ease future financial stress

Cloth pads will save you THOUSANDS of dollars over your lifetime! Rest easy knowing that you’ll have a little extra money in your wallet every month, for many years! According to The Washington Post, over 80% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. The reasons for that are all wrapped up in the way that the economy has been stacked against the working class for decades, and while we don’t have enough time to get into that, we CAN tell you that reducing typical monthly expenses can be really helpful. 


3. Feel prepared

You’ll know that you have everything you need for your period, ready to use! No more running to the store late at night, or worrying about starting your period during a blizzard (we’re located in northern Wisconsin, so this is actually a very common occurrence for us!). During the safer-at-home quarantine measures of COVID-19, many people realized how necessary it was to have supplies that were ready to use at home, and to have things that were reusable, rather than single-use disposables!
Even when you’re away from home, it can give you a lot of peace of mind to have a pad ready in your car/locker/purse/wherever! When school or work are typically an 8-hour day away from home, AND commuting time on top of that, starting your period during the day can be really inconvenient! But, if you have a few cloth pads stashed at your home-away-from home, ready to go for whenever the need strikes, that can truly make all the difference.


4. Mother Earth smiles upon you!

Yep, you just saved thousands of disposable, chemical-ridden products from the landfill (or the ocean!). It feels awesome to know that you’re making a great choice for the future of our planet! Disposable menstrual pads are 90% plastic (yuck, right??), and will take about 1,000 years to biodegrade. Considering the fact that one disposable pad is generally only used for a few hours, and then thrown away… that is a LOT of trash for the planet! So every time you use your soft, gorgeous cloth pad, you are also helping the planet in a very real way! Humans are a part of nature, and treating our planet with care and thoughtfulness benefits us, too.

A Skipper Liner in ‘Shangri-La’

5. Feel more in tune with your body

Many people express that they feel more positive and at-ease about their period after switching to cloth pads! It allows people to experience & observe their cycle in a new way, often creating a more positive mindset about that time of the month. (You won’t believe how many times we hear it… “your pads make me look forward to my period!”). In this society, we are taught that menstrual blood is dirty and shameful, and something that should be thrown in the garbage as soon as possible! This style of thinking has many harmful side effects, like making people feel embarrassed, or keeping people from learning about and appreciating their body’s natural cycles. Disposable period products laced with plastic and chemicals only reinforce the misconception that periods are dirty and unfortunate. We seek to address the period stigma by offering cloth pads that are beautiful, inspiring, comfortable, better for your body, and better for the planet.


6. We spend about 6-10 years of our lives menstruating. Might as well get comfy!

Yes, you heard that right. We spend SIX TO TEN YEARS ON OUR PERIOD total! So if you’re not sure if you need high-quality reusable period products, or if you’re not sure about the investment… let us assure you, it will be worth it! You deserve to be comfortable and confident while on your period, for many years to come!