Blind Spot SALE!


Can't see paying full price? Stock up on this discontinued pattern.

Product details: All-in-one design with cotton flannel upper, absorbent cotton core, breathable nylon leak-resistant shield & nickel-free snaps.  If there is a pad size without an option for an extra snap, it's because we don't recommend them for that particular size.

Available Until Sold Out: Available in Micro, Thong, Mini, Demi and Luxe Liners, Small, Jetty, Super and Super Overnight Pads. 

 Blind Spot Blind Spot

* This is a large-patterned fabric. The pattern placement varies between individual pads and may not match the sample image closely.

** Any pattern with the label “NEW!” was introduced within the last 2 months and we are likely to have plenty of stock for the next few months. Patterns not marked as new may sell out at any time, so make sure to snap them up before it’s too late!

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