25% off Heavy Flow Kit
25% off Heavy Flow Kit
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25% off Heavy Flow Kit

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Looking for sizes to keep you covered & comfortable on your heaviest flow days? We've specially curated this kit with sizes that are essential for the comfort of anyone with a heavy flow! From day to night, these four sizes offer full coverage and heavy-flow absorbency. 

Our Delphi Pad is a wonderful option for an active day, with a unique shape providing extra length in the front, to prevent the pad from shifting backwards while you're out and about. 

Our Super Pad is a heavy-flow version of our bestselling Large Pad, with an additional inner layer of absorbent fleece, providing twice the absorbent capacity. 

The Overnight Pad is one of our all-time bestsellers, providing plenty of absorbent power within its sleek silhouette, and extra length for confident coverage while lying down. It's also perfect for day-use when you need extra length!

The Queen Pad is our most absorbent size! It also provides the largest surface area, and a unique flared end for comfort and assurance while sitting or laying down. 



This kit includes two sizes in our classic cotton material, which is soft and smooth, and two sizes in our flannel material, which is also 100% cotton but has a fuzzy and cozy texture. The top and inner absorbent layers are always 100% cotton, and the leak-proof bottom layer is nylon.

Choose between two color sets!

Included in the Heavy Flow Kit:

1 Delphi Pad

1 Overnight Pad

1 Super Pad

1 Queen Pad

1 Surprise Party Daytripper Laminated Tote for carrying & storing pads  

1 Party In My Pants Brochure


Curious how our sizes compare? Check out our Size Chart !

Our Heavy Flow Kit is currently available at 25% off the full retail price!