Overnight Pad

This big honey is super absorbent without feeling too bulky! Our Overnight Pad is a great choice for night time protection, and also works well for those with a heavy menstrual flow during the day! This is one of our longest pads and it gives ample coverage in the front and back.

Need even more coverage? Check out our Queen Pad, which has a flared back end.

Length: 12.25″ long (31.1cm) Width: 3″ wide (7.6cm)

Works with: boyshorts, regular or full brief, large bikini


**This pad can be made narrower by adding an optional snap. Choose “Yes” in the dropdown if you would like us to add one. WHAT’S THIS?

You can view all our fabric options in the additional product photos, but not every size is available in all fabrics.  See drop down menu for available fabric choices.

Due to the nature of cotton fabrics, some shrinkage may occur with the first few wash/dry cycles.

Options: Add a wing extender to increase the width.

Note: example fabric selection is not representative of pad shape you are ordering, please refer to primary photo for shape


What our customers are saying:

“Thank you so much to the wonderful, fabulous, smarty pants, party pants women. This product is great on so many different levels. The bottom line is that they work. The fact that these pads are great for the environment, extremely comfortable, and make my heart sing every time I put them on is just frosting on the peanut butter cup.”
Stefanie—Milwaukee, WI

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