Large Pad

Our Large Pad works wonderfully as a day pad for those who have a moderate to heavy menstrual flow. It’s one of our wider pads with generous surface area—this makes the Large more absorbent if you need it, but not thick or bulky when you don’t.

If you want a slightly longer pad, check out our Overnight!

Length: 10.5″ long (26.6cm) Width: 3″ wide (7.6cm) Works with: boy-cut brief, regular or full brief, large bikini


**This pad be made narrower by adding an optional snap. Choose “Yes” in the dropdown if you would like us to add one. WHAT’S THIS?

Looking for a petite size that also works for a heavier flow? Check out our Bitsy Pad!

You can view all our fabric options in the additional product photos, but not every size is available in all fabrics.  See drop down menu for available fabric choices.

Due to the nature of cotton fabrics, some shrinkage may occur with the first few wash/dry cycles.


Options: Add a wing extender to increase the width.

Note: example fabric selection is not representative of pad shape you are ordering, please refer to primary photo for shape


What our customers are saying:

“I have been using Party In My Pants for a few months now, and it has really been life changing, no joke! I have stress incontinence, so everyday I had been a slave to the disposable panty liner, itching and chafing were my best friends, plus so much waste and consumption as a result. Now that I have PIMP, I’m comfortable and happy! Now on my period I don’t have to spend my money on disposables I just pull out my bag of fun patterns and I am good to go. Make the switch you won’t even miss your liners and tampons I promise!”
Laura—Austin, TX

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