Kangalu Jumper

These little cotton jumper dresses are perfect for layering or simply on their own! A Kangalu Jumper is fantastic for all types of weather and events, bringing out the most playful side of your littles. Many parents and families tell us that as their child has grown the dress has been able to be worn as a shirt with pants making them multi-use as well as multi-year jumpers!


Additional Details:

Instruction for care: Kangalu Jumpers should be washed on cold and dried on low.

Our sizings are suggestions and we recommend you measure your little one to find the size that will best fit them.

Size 6month: Suggested for ages 6-8 months old
Measurements: 16.5″ long, 16″ waist, and 18″ head stretch

Size XS: Suggested for ages 1-2 years old
Measurements: 18.5″ long, 18″ waist and 18″ head stretch

Size S: Suggested for ages 2-3 years old
Measurements: 20.5″ long, 19″ waist and 18″ head stretch

Size M: Suggested for ages 4-5 years old
Measurements: 24″ long, 21″ waist and 19″ head stretch

Size L: Suggested for ages 6-7 years old
Measurements: 27″ long, 22″ waist and 21″ head stretch

Size XL: Suggested for ages 8-9 years old
Measurements: 31″ long, 26″ waist and 24″ head stretch