Flannel Surprise Party


Everyone loves a nice Surprise! We will offer all sizes we have in stock. And remember, you have the option to video chat with us or tune into our up and coming livestreams to select your patterns. 

For absorbency and dimensions of each size,  please see our Pad Prescription and FAQ

Product Details: All-In-One design with breathable nylon leak-resistant bottom shield & nickel-free plated snaps. 

Let us know if you would like a surprise or want to connect with us to see your options.

  • Choose “Yes! You pick for me” ~ translating to: I love it all! Go wild with my selection. (or tell us your favorite colors and motifs)
  • You may also tell us your favorite colors and motifs in the comment section and if we have something similar we will include them in your selection.


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Flannel & Cotton Pads: 100% cotton upper and inner layers.

Organic Pads: 100% organic upper and inner layers.

What’s the difference between “cotton” and “flannel”? They are both made of 100% cotton material. The difference is in the texture of the fabric. Our cotton pads have a smooth texture, like that of a bed sheet. Our flannel pads have a fuzzy texture, like flannel pajama bottoms. There is no difference in absorbency, and both are very soft- they just have a different feel. Some customers have a preference for one over the other, but most will use both cotton and flannel pads- they tend to choose their pads based on the cute pattern! We suggest doing a MIX of both for the GREATEST pattern variety possible!