First Period Kit

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Are you preparing for your first period, or perhaps shopping for a friend or family member that is just beginning their menstrual journey? Or maybe you’re thinking about trying out cloth pads, but just aren’t sure where to begin? Perfect! Our First Period Kit has everything that you (or they!) will need to get started.

We have specially curated this kit with sizes and accessories that are essential for a first-time menstruator, or anybody who wants to try a variety of best-selling sizes as they begin their cloth pad journey.

This kit includes two sizes in our classic cotton material, which is soft and smooth, and two sizes in our flannel material, which is also 100% cotton but has a fuzzy and cozy texture. The top and inner absorbent layers are always 100% cotton, and the leak-proof bottom layer is nylon.


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Additional Details:

Included in the First Period Kit:

  • 1 Mini Liner
  • 1 Bitsy Pad
  • 1 Medium Pad
  • 1 Overnight Pad
  • 1 Tween Laminated Tote for carrying & storing pads
  • 1 Tween Cotton Tote for carrying & storing pads
  • 1 Cycling: A Guide To Menstruation book
  • 1 Party In My Pants Brochure

Curious how our sizes compare? Check out our Size Chart!

Our pads are so easy to wash and dry- it’s just like doing regular laundry (just avoid super hot temperatures)! No pre-soaking or rinsing is required. Check out our blog post for frequently asked questions about laundering reusable cloth pads.

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