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Are you cloth curious… and desire guidance where to start?

All first-time customers can order their first cloth liner FREE with this code: CLOTHCURIOUS

Choose from our five liner sizes:

Thong Liner, Mini Liner, Demi Liner, Skipper Liner and Luxe Liner and simply enter the code CLOTHCURIOUS at the checkout page to make your first liner FREE!

ONE Coupon Code per order:)


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Attention: We are currently NOT OFFERING OUR FREE SAMPLE.

Wondering which of our 5 Light Days Liners is best for You? Please peruse the liner specs in our pad prescription chart!

Our fave? We recommend the Luxe Liner with the extra snap* added! The Luxe Liner provides great coverage, and the extra snap will give you the option of snapping it a half inch narrower, to find that perfect fit! Just select YES for the additional snap.

*This pad can be made narrower by adding an optional snap. Choose “Yes” in the dropdown if you would like us to add one. WHAT’S THIS?

Our CLOTHCURIOUS offer is for first-time customers only! Returning customers are not eligible to use this code.

You may use the CLOTHCURIOUS code in an order containing more than the ONE free sample.

If you have already tried our products & are looking for more great deals, our sale page is brimming with fun options.

CLOTHCURIOUS cannot be combined with any other promotions, and only one discount code can be entered per order. We are not able to combine multiple discount codes in one order!

One per customer, first orders only. Orders are cross-referenced within our records to ensure that repeat customers are not using this code again with a new account or address. If our records indicate that a customer has already used this code once, and is attempting to use it again, the order will be cancelled and refunded. Do not order free liners to send to friends, as this will result in a “red flag” within our records, and the order will be canceled and refunded. Please instead send a link to our CPC page (this one) and your friends can choose the best option for themselves.

Standard U.S. and international shipping rates apply.

First Liner Free Terms & Conditions

The Cloth Pad Curious offer is for new customers only. If you already use and love cloth pads, please do not order a free Liner—kindly leave it for someone who’s not yet convinced of the benefits of cloth. However, if you’ve tried another brand of cloth pad and were unsatisfied, you’re welcome to a free Liner.

Each household may order ONE Thong, Mini, Demi OR Luxe Liner. We will not ship multiple orders to the same address and you may only order the Cloth Pad Curious Liner for your own personal use. Do not attempt to purchase the Cloth Pad Curious for anyone other than yourself. Sorry, there are no exceptions. If you attempt to violate this policy, your order will be canceled without notice and no refund will be issued.

If you’re still not sure whether you qualify, please consider the following:

You DO NOT qualify for a free Liner if:

A. You’ve already purchased Party In My Pants pads online or at a store.

B. You’ve received a free sample at an event or in-store promotion.

C. You’ve won a free pad in a free drawing or Name That PIMP contest.

D. You intend to give the free Liner as a gift.

E. A Cloth Pad Curious Liner has already been ordered by another person in your household.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not necessary to order your free Liner by itself. You’re welcome to add other products to your order.

The pattern you receive will be a surprise. Sorry, we are not able to honor specific pattern requests.

We reserve the right to end the Cloth Pad Curious Liner offer at anytime without notice. Thank you for understanding and respecting these terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact customer service toll-free at (888) 898 – 9496 or click here and send us a message.

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