Delphi Pad – Organic

This incredibly comfortable and effective size is a cross between our Jetty Pad and our Large Pad! It has the full-coverage absorbency of the Large Pad, with the unique shape of the Jetty.

The Delphi is designed to have that extra length in the front, with the wings bumped down a little. This keeps the pad securely in place, even on active days! It keeps up with your movement, and the extra length in front ensures that you’re covered even if your pad slides backwards a little over the course of the day! So go- take that hike, walk that dog, do that aerobics class! The Delphi Pad is here to confidently keep up with you, even on heavy days!

Please note- The longer end is designed to be worn towards the front! The unique shape helps it stay securely in place, without shifting backwards in your underwear.

Length: 11″ long (19.05cm) Width: 3″ wide when snapped (5.7cm)


**This pad can be made narrower by adding an optional snap. Choose “Yes” in the dropdown if you would like us to add one. WHAT’S THIS?

* This is a large-patterned fabric. The pattern placement varies between individual pads and may not match the sample image closely.

Due to the nature of cotton fabrics, some shrinkage may occur with the first few wash/dry cycles.


Options: Add a wing extender to increase the width.

Note: example fabric selection is not representative of pad shape you are ordering, please refer to primary photo for shape

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