Cycling: A Guide to Menstration

Cycling: A Guide to Menstruation combines well-researched information with the feel of a graphic novel!

Using charming illustrations, this little book is an empowering do-it-yourself guide to menstruation, and an accessible educational tool for menstruators of all ages!

Cycling not only covers the basics of the menstrual cycle but also explores such topics as the history of menstrual products, common herbal remedies for period pain, suggested yoga poses, and more.

Entertaining and engaging, Cycling is designed to make us feel good about our bodies, and good about menstruation.

This book is a wonderful tool to keep on your bookshelf, or the perfect gift for anyone just starting their cycles.


Additional Details:

“Charming, informative, approachable, and clever. Szumowski has outdone herself with this accessible, entertaining guide. Cycling is a must read for all those who menstruate or know of someone who does.” – The Chicago Women’s Health Center

68 pages. Written and illustrated by Laura Szumowski.

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