Cramp-Aid Cozy

You will love our Cramp-Aid Cozy—a flaxseed cozy for any occasion! Soothe your aching abdomen with the warmth of these wonderful cozies.

Heat can do wonders to naturally relieve cramps—often faster than pain killers which can take as long as 30 minutes to start working. Just pop the Cozy in the microwave for a couple minutes, place it on the lower abdomen and relax. Can also be used on the back, shoulders, neck or other tight muscles.


Additional Details:

Instruction for use:

  • HOT: Microwave: Lay flat and heat in 1 minute intervals until desired temperature is reached. Times will vary between individual microwaves. Oven: Lay flat on baking tray and heat 20 mins on Low. Do not overheat or leave unattended.
  • COLD: Place in freezer for 1 hour or longer

Product Details:

  • 5” x 8” (13cm wide, 20cm long)
  • 100% cotton cover- single ply
  • Filled with 100% whole flax seed


Note: fabrics labeled (OC) are organic cotton

* This is a large-patterned fabric. The pattern placement varies between individual pads and may not match the sample image closely.