Reusable Cotton Pads: What Are They?

Our reusable cotton pads are handmade with love in the northwoods of Wisconsin. Each pad starts out as a variety of cotton fabrics hand picked to delight and bring new life to each individual's experience. These cloth pads are uniquely designed with generations of women in mind, tested over more than 25 years and perfected by the master seamstress Luci herself! 

Each pad is constructed in several layers. This means our reusable cotton pads are designed to be true pads, not just liners, capable of handling the heaviest of periods and even daily incontinence and discharge. Why go through mountains of disposable pads when you can enjoy these adorable reusable pads time and time again? Our pads are even machine washable, making them a truly convenient option. After each use, simply throw your dirtied pad in the wash with everything else and prepare to be amazed.

The foundation of all our pads is our unique waterproof nylon backing. This waterproof nylon ensures that even if you soak through all other layers, this last barrier has your back, and you have a leak-free experience and peace of mind as you set off into the world. Assembled above this waterproof backing are varying layers of birdseye cotton and organic fleece, the optimal materials for absorbing whatever you throw it's way! 

Our most popular pad is the Medium Pad, ideal for moderate flow days and an excellent option for first-time cloth pad initiates unsure where to begin! If you’re looking for a seriously heavy duty option we recommend taking a peek at our largest sizes: Super, Super Overnight and Queen Pads. Each of these three, our largest sizes, contain additional layers of organic fleece for extra heavy-duty absorbent pads. 

If this doesn’t sound quite right and you are looking for a lighter, more liner-like option, ideal for light spotting and daily discharge, we recommend taking a look at our Liners page!