Stay & Play at LDC: Lucid Design Collective!

Homebase to Luci and her business for over thirty years, this studio is more than just a place- it's a Community.

Located in the heart of the Northwoods, the Wilmarth School is nestled in Ashland, Wisconsin, on the shores of the Chequamegon Bay of Lake Superior. (read more about us here!)


Our studio is open to hue-mons of a creative and peaceful nature, for short or long term stays. 

In equal exchange, we appreciate all skills you're willing to offer! Be part of an organization helping a gazillion people and our planet! 

Have you been hankering for a vacation? On a budget?

Stay with us short term and explore the sun dappled forest trails, waterfalls, and crystalline waves of Lake Superior. Between adventures, choose from a wide variety of options - house elf, garden gnome, stitch-wizard etc... (insert your superpower here!) 

Interested in moving to the area? Test the waters!

Stay with us, lend a hand and acquaint yourself with an abundance of natural beauty and opportunities.

Wondering what exactly it is we do here?

Enjoy a change of scenery and see how the magic happens!

Already in the Chequamegon Bay Area and curious about cloth?

Come lend your skills, learn some new ones, and accrue some Unicoin!

In the area AND already love our products?! 

Hang with us and build up your collection as slowly or quickly as your free time permits!

Some fledgling and established departments include:

 Crafting, Sewing, Organizing, Film, Vids, Photography, Marketing, Ceramics, Jewelry, Print making, Painting, Writing, Bodywork, Tech, Computers,  Woodworking, Gardening, Landscaping, Tiki Bar...

Get the ball rolling by sending us your curriculum vitae, introduction letter or video! Tell us who you are and why we'd be happy to have you! 

Email us at :


The classrooms and offices of the first floor of the school are dedicated to business operations, this is where we cut, sew and ship all our products worldwide! The upper levels are a mixture of studio and living space for Luci and guests!

(Pictured below are the Party In My Pants workspaces! On the left is the shipping room- this is where our products get finished up, packaged, and sent out worldwide! On the right is the Party In My Pants production room where our dedicated team spends their time sewing all of our products!) 
Party In My Pants shipping room!
Party In My Pants production room!











We've got a lot of space and LOVE sharing our amazing workplace!

For more information email us at: