You can laugh, but I originally started my search for non-disposable female products while building my go-bag for the zombie apocalypse. I figured when the sh*t hit the fan I wouldn't be able to use "normal" products, so I had better have a Plan B. After many google searches and talking to friends, I decided to try a feminine cup. But I always have a couple light days before and after my 2 heavy days, so a cup wasn't practical for my whole period, and that's when I found PIMPs. And I love them!!!! I only have a couple liners so far, but they were the best idea!!! They're so easy to clean, they're cute, very absorbent, and I am sad that I didn't discover them earlier. Even my husband thinks they're awesome hahaha. I will be ordering more!!! And telling anyone who will listen about the awesomeness that is PIMPs, naturally.

Megan Newport News, VA

Luci and Lydia — Thanks so much for the lovely note with my latest order of awesome pads! I posted it on my dorm room wall for a spash of color! Also, so happy I got one of the last hemp/silk pads - sooooo comfortable! Woohoo, PIMPs!

Ronnie! Atlanta, GA

So excited to come home to my package from Party in My Pants!!! I got the free cloth luxe liner last week ... loved it so much I washed it everyday so I would not have to use disposables.. the only thing I hate it not having found out about PIMPs earlier! Having to wear a liner everyday is a bummer but not anymore thanks to PIMPs .. I have a drawer full of disposables I can't bear to even think of using ever again ! thank you Luci & Lydia for your awesome product & superior customer service ! I am happy to say that I'm a customer for life !

Aspen TN

I tried the Cloth Pad Curious sample and it worked out so well that I just placed an order for 3 more! I love the name Party In My Pants (and the little chocolate, so cute) which has a positive happy attitude. I'm currently needing them as a back up to an Instead softcup, which is working great now but I just ordered a Lunette cup to try. These are so much more comfortable than the plastic and expensive disposable pads. I can't believe the difference. I am so glad I tried this!

Rae Fort Smith, AR

I have ALWAYS hated "that time of month" — everything about it; the idea of it, wasting my money on products, the products themselves...until I tried cloth pads.

For the first time ever I actually look forward to it. I don't have any of the discomfort I had using tampons and disposable pads now that I switched — what took me so long!?

Never going back to what I used to use — better for the environment, more comfort for me, the pads are cute & fun and I save money. Everybody wins ;)

Melissa I Royal Oak, MI

Ladies—thank you. I've been "cloth pad curious" for a long time, and finally decided to take that final step thanks to your liner giveaway. I've been using a menstrual cup for the past year, but sometimes I long for the simplicity of a good ol' pad. I am delighted with my PiMPs! I love supporting women-owned small businesses, and your product is simply wonderful; cute, comfortable, well made, and super effective. The happy patterns make me smile every time I go to the loo! I just ordered two kits for myself, and plan to "gush" to all my friends. Cheers!

Jenna Salem, OR

Thank you for such great products. I love my pretty new liners and pads! I am happy to be eco friendly! Just pop these cute little pads/liners in the laundry! It's actually made my period more fun because picking out a pad is like picking out the rest of your outfit! (hmmm.. which cute pad do I want to wear today?) I love the convenience of cloth pads because I don't have to worry about smell or irritation. No chemicals where they aren't supposed to be! These are the cutest, thinnest, most reliable pads I could find! I love your prices as well as the fast shipping. You have sold be for the rest of my menstruating days and I'm only 19! :)

Majoyree Winston Salem, NC

I'll admit, at first I was skeptical. Party In My Pants seemed kind of gross. But then I tried one and my JJ has never been happier! I used Party In My Pants all day and even went to the gym in it! I loved how I didn’t feel like I was wearing a diaper! I’m a believer!

Megan CA

I'm in LOVE! I've tried other cloth pads before, these are by far the best. Others wear out much quicker than they claim to, and can get "crusty" after washing. Not these. Super protective and soft. Also, you can fold them up like a little square and it's not so obvious looking in your purse or in your hand on the way to the bathroom. Plus the designs are so cute! Just placed my second order in new fabrics :)

Erin Troy, MI

These are the best pads ever! With sensitive skin, a heavy flow and frequent UTI's, there weren't many options for me. I dreaded my period. I couldn't use disposable pads--the smell, the leakage, not to mention they made me sick.

Tampons weren't much better, with all the chemicals and dryness. I knew there had to be a better way. I found the Diva Cup, but I still needed more protection and saw Party In My Pants pads on the shelf.

Deciding on flannel, I tried one as soon as I got my period. I was comfortable, with no leakage, and no UTI! I love helping the environment too, and the ability to wash them is awesome. It's so nice to have my flannel PIMPs that I actually don't dread my period now. Thank You.

Julie G.