Nine (of the many!) Benefits of Cloth Pads

Need some convincing about why cloth pads are the best? We’ve got you covered.

Often, people tend to focus on the less pleasant parts of our menstrual cycles. But a period can also be a reminder to slow down and honor our bodies, and help us tune in to the natural cycles within us. One of the best ways we can take care of ourselves is by choosing safer self-care products that make us feel good, inside and out!

Party in My Pants is committed to making products that are both good for you AND the planet! Here are nine of the many compelling reasons to switch to cloth.

1. Cloth menstrual pads are healthier for your body. Conventional disposables tend to contain artificial fragrances, chemical gels, residues, and adhesives. They are typically made with a combination of plastics, cotton, synthetic fibers, and wood pulp that contain pesticides, herbicides, and other harmful chemicals like dioxin. Yuck!

That’s not to mention the often sticky or scratchy texture that can dry out and irritate sensitive skin. Party in My Pants cloth menstrual pads are made from buttery-soft cotton that is more absorbent than disposables, and won’t irritate delicate skin or cause chafing.

two hands holding an array of Bitsy cloth reusable menstrual pads

The top and inner layers of our pads are always 100% cotton, a healthier and more comfortable option than disposable products.
Photo credit Aria Durward.

2. They are good for the planet. If the health reasons don’t convince you, perhaps the environmental impact alone will. Party in My Pants cotton menstrual pads can be washed over and over, and can last WAY over five years with proper care— by switching to reusable cloth pads, you’ll save over 11,000 disposable from the landfill! That’s a huge impact for just one person, so imagine how huge it will be as more and more people switch to reusables! Why throw money away month after month on disposable garbage that is only destined for landfills? Start building a reusable stash that is part of the low-waste future here.

disposable period products including tampons and disposable pads

Disposable menstrual pads are made with synthetic dyes, chemicals, and plastic. They are worn for just a few hours before being thrown away forever. Photo credit: Natracare.

disposable period products floating in the ocean with other pollution
Disposable period products take 800 years to break down, and many end up littering our oceans. Photo credit: Naja Bertolt Jensen

3. They are super comfy. Do you know that sweaty, itchy feeling of sitting in a disposable pad? The synthetic plastic webbing will be a distant memory when you try a cotton menstrual pad. Party in My Pants pads are made with a super-soft, thin cotton fabric, held in place with small nickel-free metal snaps, and a leak-resistant nylon backing.

party in my pants reusable cloth menstrual pad snapped into place in underwear
The Skipper Liner is a sleek and comfy option for light period days, or even daily use! Photo credit Elizabeth Downey.

4. They are wallet-friendly. From your first period until menopause, you can expect to spend thousands of dollars (some as much as $20,000) on disposable menstrual products.

At first glance, reusable pads might seem more expensive- but they pay off in a big way over time! Stack those numbers up against what you’ll spend on a collection of PIMPs and you’ll see just how inexpensive cloth really is. Take your money to the bank, not the curb!

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a variety of reusable cloth menstrual pads and liners available from Party in My Pants
This colorful collection will save someone thousands of dollars over their lifetime. Photo credit Aria Durward.

5. Cloth menstrual pads are discreet. How many times have you been in a public bathroom trying to change your pad or tampon and simultaneously silence the *deafening* rustling of wrappers or adhesive? The cottony tops of Party in My Pants reusable pads have no plastic or synthetics, so they’re free of any crinkly noise! In addition, Party in My Pants cloth pads are so thin and sleek that they won’t create any telltale bulge in your clothing.

Gotta love our Jetty Pad, a super comfortable and easy-to-wear option for active days! Video credit Brandi Shapland.

6. You are prepared for every cycle. It is comforting to know that your reusable period pads are waiting in your drawer or bathroom- ready whenever you need them! You don’t need to drive to a store, face crowds of people, or wait in line. They are easy to transport in a purse, backpack, or gym bag. You’ll never reach for a box only to find it empty again! Our pads last over 5 years, so you’ll be able to enjoy many cycles with that peace of mind.

7. They are easier to clean than you think! Party in My Pants cotton reusable pads can be washed all at once at the end of your cycle, or occasionally during your cycle—whatever is the most convenient for you. When you finish using a pad, simply toss it in your laundry hamper until wash day! A regular wash cycle and a low or medium dry cycle is all you need. 

You’d be surprised how colorfast and stain-resistant most of our pads are, but if you are concerned about staining, we offer many fabrics in darker colors to help hide stains. We also recommend the Tangie Stain Remover Bar as an easy, zero-waste option for lifting stains.

a row of commercial washing machines in a contemporary laundromat
Cloth pads can easily be washed in a normal machine, just like you wash clothing! They can even be washed WITH clothing- the blood won’t stain your other laundry! Photo credit: Alexandra Poliakova
hands washing a reusable cloth menstrual pad in a sink with soap
If you don’t have regular access to a washing machine, hand-washing your cloth pads in the sink is also a breeze! Photo credit Aria Durward.

8. They are cute AND empowering. When was the last time a disposable gave you over 65 colorful options to express your personality? Conventional menstrual products are designed to be thrown away. Think about it. We’ve told generations of menstruators to use waste products for their periods, and it has influenced how we feel about our cycles and our bodies. Cloth period pads with vibrant patterns and colors are a way of celebrating your body and menstrual cycle while protecting the planet.

a person holds out a Party In My Pants reusable cloth menstrual pad in front of the Wilmarth School building
The author displays a pad with some of her favorite things- bikes and veggies! Photo credit Aria Durward.

9. You are supporting an independent, woman-run business. Party in My Pants founder, Luci Daum, started sewing when she was three years old and couldn’t even read a pattern! She became an entrepreneur at a young age, and started designing reusable period pads for herself, to avoid the discomfort, irritation, and rashes associated with disposable products. As she fine-tuned her design, she began to give her cloth pads to friends and family as gifts. Everybody loved them so much, that they all worked together to convince Luci to make her designs available on a global scale!

Today, each high-quality cotton pad is still made with the same love and dedication as when Luci would give them away to her friends and family. You can try one of our cloth panty liners for free, with our First Liner Free program!

Luci Daum the owner and creator of Party In My Pants smiles holding some of her hand sewn reusable pouches and totes
Luci (creator and founder of Party in My Pants and Luci Daum Design LLC)!
the Wilmarth School building erected in 1890 and operated until 1990 after which it was purchased by Luci Daum to become the home of Luci Daum Design LLC and later Party In My Pants
The studio- where we make, sell, and ship our products! The Wilmarth School was originally built in the 1880s and operated as a school until 1990. Photo credit Aria Durward.