Eight MORE Uses for Cloth Pads That May Surprise You

Many people who switch to reusable cotton pads find that they end up using them throughout the month too, for all sorts of reasons!
Our cloth pads and liners are great sidekicks for whatever you’ve got going on, keeping you covered, comfortable, and confident!


1. Mild bladder leakage 

Many people use our washable cloth pads for mild and occasional bladder leakage! Some will wear a pad when they know they’re likely to experience it (during an exercise class, etc), or others wear one everyday, if they experience frequent, light leakage throughout the day. The best sizes for this can vary from person to person- the Delphi Pad is a good place to start, and then you can judge if you need something more or less absorbent!

2. Intermittent Spotting from Birth Control

Many people using different types of pill, implant, or IUD birth control experience random spotting throughout the month. For people who experience this frequently, it can be helpful to wear a reusable cloth liner, or keep one on hand, to protect your underwear and make things more comfortable! The Skipper Liner, Luxe Liner, or Jetty Pad are great everyday sizes.

3. When you don’t know exactly what day your period will start

Many people experience irregular cycles, or don’t record when their last period started. This can mean there might be a week (or longer) timeframe when your period could arrive at any time! PMS symptoms can help give us a clue, but it’s not always obvious. Wearing a cloth pantyliner (or keeping it in your bag or workspace) can help you be prepared for whenever that happens. Having a liner or two on hand can save you from staining your undies, or having to resort to buying disposable products if it happens while you’re out and about. We suggest the Skipper Liner, Luxe Liner or Jetty Pad for this purpose!


Our cloth pads and liners are great sidekicks for whatever you’ve got going on, keeping you covered, comfortable, and confident!
Liz holds an array of Skipper Liners and a Tween Tote. Photo credit Aria Durward.

4. Wetness after sex/intimacy

A roll in the hay is nice, but you may not want any lingering wetness as you go about your day, or fall asleep! Snapping on a liner or light pad will help you feel drier and more comfortable! We suggest the Luxe Liner or Medium Pad for this, but any size can do the trick!

5. Postpartum bleeding

Many people prefer our soft, cozy cotton pads in those sensitive moments after giving birth, rather than the standard disposable/ plastic-y postpartum pad! Some people even moisten their pad and put it in the freezer for a bit, so they can have a cooling “ice pack” for the vaginal area. We suggest the Queen Pad for postpartum bleeding, and any other sizes after that, as postpartum bleeding can be different for everyone, and spotting can sometimes continue for quite awhile.

Liz holds a flannel Queen Pad. Photo credit Aria Durward.

6. With a vaginal suppository

We’ve heard from many customers about how they like to use a cloth pad in tandem with their vaginal suppository (coconut oil, etc) to absorb any excess oil that would otherwise seep into underwear or clothing! The Luxe Liner or Medium Pad is a favorite for this, but any size will do.

7. Perimenopause

Perimenopause symptoms can go on for many years before periods actually cease, and it can vary widely from person to person! When you don’t have no idea when or if you’ll get your next period, it can be helpful to have a few pads on hand, in case it does happen! Medium or Large Pad, or Delphi Pad are great to have for those just-in-case moments!

Liz holds a cotton Overnight Pad. Photo credit Aria Durward.

8. For vaginal discharge

Many people experience vaginal discharge daily, or during certain parts of their monthly cycles. The vagina is a self-cleaning machine, and discharge is normally just a sign of the vagina keeping itself healthy! If you want to avoid that wet and sticky feeling on your underwear, then we suggest the Skipper Liner, Luxe Liner, Medium Pad, or Jetty Pad as good everyday options!

With all these extras uses for cloth pads, in addition to keeping you covered and comfortable on your monthly cycle, you can see why reusable pads are worth the investment!

Even after people are past their menstruating years, cloth pads still come in handy for any of the curveballs that post-menopause can bring.