Cotton Crazy or Flannel Frenzy?

Deciding between comfy cotton or fuzzy flannel can be quite the trick! I often get asked which one is more absorbent, which one will be the most comfortable in the summer heat, which one will be easiest to clean, which one do I prefer or which one is simply the best? There is no one answer for any of these questions. This is a sensitive product for a sensitive part of our lives and is intricately entwined with our own personal tastes and preferences, so the answer will be as unique as each of us. A good place to start is with the bare facts; flannel is cotton, therefore the two fabrics differ not in composition, but in weave. 

While both cotton and flannel are breathable fabrics, cotton is slightly more tightly woven. Flannel is therefore the looser weave due to the napping process responsible for its fuzzy texture and signature softness. Due to this inherent difference, each of these fabrics have different strengths to invigorate your personal pad collection. Cotton is often considered more favorable for warm summer months due to its smooth and silky texture which helps the fabric avoid absorbing and trapping your body heat. Conversely, flannel is widely sought after for those cold winter months when howling winds attempt to rend all warmth from us and the heat absorbent properties of flannel are an ally against winter’s cold.

Due to the looser weave of flannel, flannel pads are also slightly more absorbent than their cotton counterparts, effectively trapping the liquid in the fibers of the material before it can spread to the edges of the pad. This makes them perfect for the heaviest of flows and menstruators with a faster rate of flow as well. Another check in flannels favor is its ability to better hide stains than regular cotton. Considering the item being worn this can be a major point of concern for many people first making the switch to reusable cloth pads. The tight weave of cotton is more prone to trapping those pesky stains and can leave some slight markings if not washed in a timely fashion. Flannel, however, once again gains a benefit from its cousin cotton and its looser weave makes the cleaning process that much easier. A widely unknown benefit of this is that as time goes by your flannel pads will become ever so slightly softer and fuzzier over time, which can only be a perk for your tender Yoni.

The most important thing to consider when making your choice between flannel and cotton reusable menstrual pads is that every individual person is different. What may work for one person may be the antithesis of another and you never will know which one you are until you try them for yourself. Experiment and find out what works best for your personal needs, preferences and lifestyle. Remember as well to use your First Liner Free code when placing your first order, this journey is a gift to yourself and never a gamble. Most of all, love your body for all the hard work it’s doing to help you live your best life possible.