Monarch Kit

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Welcome your daughter, granddaughter, niece or other best girl into young adulthood with this sophisticated Monarch Kit. The high-quality, handcrafted accessories will introduce her to a world of body-positive self care and inspire excitement, pride, and confidence about changes ahead. Menarche can be just light spotting or heavy bleeding, so we’ve included a wide range of sizes and absorbencies: 1 Mini Liner, 1 Jetty Pad, 1 Super Overnight. By testing a variety of sizes, she’ll be able to determine what she needs and likes personally. Also included: an intelligent and comprehensive guide to menstruation: Cycling, by artist Laura Szumowski, a CrampAid Cozy in any of our patterns including Kitty Kozy or Party Animals for heat therapy, Party Animals Beauty Sleeper, and Pixie Pouch for stashing a pad or two.

Available patterns: choose one for each pad (select Flannel, Cotton or Organic tab to view fabrics in each style)

Blue MoonBlue Moon
Code PinkCode Pink
Deft LeopardDeft Leopard
Need for TweedNeed for Tweed
Silent MajoritySilent Majority
Tusky TurvyTusky Turvy
 Bespoke Bespoke
Cheep ThrillsCheep Thrills
 El Tecolote El Tecolote
 Lotus Lotus
 Mobius Strip Mobius Strip
Morel Support Morel Support
 Northern Exposure Northern Exposure
Oh Happy Days
 On the Raga* On the Raga*"
Periodic Table
Plasma Donor
“ Secret Stache Secret Stache
Fabric Key: Letter after fabric name indicates fabric type.

F = Cotton Flannel |C = Cotton.

Please note: Organic pads have a $1.80 surcharge when included as part of Kit. Don't worry, you're still getting 10% off the regular price!
8 Hurtz 8 Hurtz (C)
 Amethyst Amethyst (C)
 Bineshii Aki Bineshii Aki (C)
Bug in a RugBug in a Rug (C)
CobaltCobalt (C)
 Harlequin Harlequin (C)
 Hibiscus Hibiscus (C)
IvoryIvory (C)
 Lovie Dovie Lovie Dovie" (C)
PetuniasPetunias (C)
SlateSlate (C)
StarlingStarling (C)
Cloud NineCloud Nine (F)
LilacLilac (F)
PhoxPhox (F)
 Pretty in Peep Pretty in Peep (F)
 Relephant Relephant (F)

* This is a large-patterned fabric. The pattern placement varies between individual pads and may not match the sample image closely.

** Any pattern with the label “NEW!” was introduced within the last 2 months and we are likely to have plenty of stock for the next few months. Patterns not marked as new may sell out at any time, so make sure to snap them up before it’s too late!

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