How to Pick Your Perfect Party In My Pants Pad!

With fifteen different sizes and a bunch of different fabric options, we know choosing your first reusable cloth pad or liner can be quite an adventure! With in these two categories Pads and Liners, almost everyone will find a combination that works for them.

- we’ll walk you through some of the important factors to consider when choosing your perfect Party In My Pants Pads and Liners!

  • Pad or Pantyliner

The first choice to make is between pads or liners. Both are great options, and they each have their own uses. Our reusable pads provide more absorption and coverage than the liners, and are great for all types of flows! These are typically used on days you have your period and can handle anything- from the lightest flow to the heaviest flow, postpartum bleeding, and even light incontinence.
Our liners provide the lightest absorption and are perfect for daily use and spotting. Many cloth pad users have a variety of both pad and liner sizes to customize to their cycle’s needs!

  • Coverage

How much coverage would you like from your pads?

Each Party In My Pants size provides a different amount of coverage! Bodies come in all different sizes, and fifteen different sizes makes it easy to get the protection you need for your body. A good way to determine which sizes will work for you is the style of underwear you wear! The type of undies you wear while wearing your PIMP is super important to get your perfect fit- you want your undergarments to be snug to help support the pad. Older, worn-out undies will have a harder time doin’ the job! You can find the exact measurements of all of our pads and liners on our size chart.

All of our sizes can also be customized with an extra snap or a wing extender- these will narrow or widen any pad, which is great for those who wear multiple styles of undies!


thong underwear


Thong Liner
bikini underwear


Mini Liner, Skipper Liner, Small Pad, Bitsy Pad, Medium Pad, Jetty Pad
hipster style underwear


Demi Liner, Luxe Liner, Medium Pad, Jetty Pad, Large Pad, Delphi Pad, Overnight Pad, Super Pad, Super Overnight Pad, Queen Pad

boyshort underwear


Demi Liner, Luxe Liner, Large Pad, Delphi Pad, Overnight Pad, Super Pad, Super Overnight Pad, Queen Pad

brief style underwear


Demi Liner, Luxe Liner, Large Pad, Delphi Pad, Overnight Pad, Super Pad, Super Overnight Pad, Queen Pad


  • Flow and absorbency

How much absorbency do you need from your period protection?

All of our liners have the same thing on the inside- one layer of our absorbent cotton. This provides enough to cover light days at the beginning or end of your period, spotting, and daily use! These are our smallest and thinnest options.

Our pads provide different amounts of absorption- the Small Pad, Medium Pad, and Jetty Pad all have 3 layers of cotton inside. The Bitsy Pad is designed to be small but mighty with 5 layers or our absorbent cotton inside- one more than our Large and Overnight Pads. The Super Pad, Super Overnight Pad, and Queen Pad sizes all have an additional strip of fleece to add additional absorption.  

Do you prefer to use a Menstrual Cup, Sea Sponge, or other form of period protection? Pairing your Party In My Pants cloth pad with another form of period protection is a great way to add extra security without sacrificing comfort!

  • Activity

How active are you during your period?

The Skipper Liner, Jetty Pad, Delphi Pad, and Bitsy Pad are designed with the highly active person in mind. Longer coverage in the front is really helpful for a busy lifestyle!


  • Sleep

Sleeping while on your period can require some preparation, as you may already have some experience with! And with Party In My Pants pads, you can rest easy knowing there is the perfect combination of night time helpers waiting for you!

Options like the Jetty Pad and Delphi Pad can provide extra coverage in the back if you flip the pad “backwards”! Looking for the most coverage and absorbency possible? Coming in at 15 ½ inches long with a flared end, the Queen Pad will provide the most comfortable sleeping experience. And this big honey has got your back!

For those ready to make the switch from disposable to renewable, we have our first liner free program. People tell us "on repeat" how glad they are to have found an option that works well, kind to our environment and pocket book, hand made with love and shipped direct from our little studio and boutique! If you’re a first-time Party In My Pants customer, be sure to score your first liner free

This will give you a choice of 5 different size light days liners we offer. Many find this a good place to start! As back up, general assurance or light days, our liners are multi purpose. 

We also offer two kit options, one designed for newbies and one for newbies with a bit heavier flow.  Hop on over to also nab 25% savings!

Our First Period Kit is made up of some of our favorite “beginner” sizes- the Mini Liner, Small Pad, Medium Pad, and an Overnight Pad- as well as some other fun goodies! The Heavy Flow Kit is some of our best for full coverage and heavy flow! You’ll find the Delphi Pad, Super Pad, Overnight Pad, and Queen Pad in this kit. These are both great options for starting your cloth pad journey, just stocking up, or trying new sizes!

As always, our team here at Party In My Pants is available to guide you personally through the cloth pad experience, whether you're just starting your journey or have used reusable menstrual pads and liners for years. We’re happy to answer any questions or comments - just contact us here!

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