Cotton Reusable Pads

Our reusable menstrual pads are handmade with love in the northwoods of Wisconsin. Each pad starts out as a variety of cotton fabrics hand picked to delight and bring new life to each individual’s experience. These cloth pads are affectionately designed with generations of menstruators in mind, tested over more than 25 years and perfected by the master seamstress Luci herself!

Construction: What’s In These Things?

Each reusable pad is constructed in several layers of interior, absorbent cotton, a waterproof nylon backing, a fun and flirty top layer of cotton or flannel and with unique arced wings along the side for the snap closure. This tried and true design ensures foolproof leak protection throughout your menstrual cycle. Thanks to this design we can confidently say that our reusable cotton pads are up to the task of a true menstrual pad, capable of handling the heaviest of periods, daily incontinence and discharge. Why go through mountains of disposable pads when you can enjoy these fashionable (and durable) reusable pads time and time again? Our pads are even machine washable, making them a truly convenient option to replace those old fashioned disposable pads. After each use, simply throw your dirtied pad in the wash with everything else and prepare to be amazed!

The foundation of our reliable leak protection is our signature waterproof nylon backing. This waterproof nylon ensures that even if you soak through all the other layers of the pad, this last nylon barrier has your back, and you have a leak-free experience and peace of mind as you set off into the world. This extra security is a game changer in the cloth pad world and has set our pads apart from other reusable menstrual pads. Assembled above this waterproof backing are varying layers of birdseye cotton and organic, highly absorbent, fleece, the optimal materials for light flow, heavy flow, and everything in-between!

How DO I wash my PiMP Pad?

The easiest, most effective cleaning method is to machine wash pads just like any other piece of clothing. Just pop ‘em in the washing machine (warm or cold) and toss ‘em in the dryer on low. Some people soak their cloth pads before washing, but with Party In My Pants that is generally not necessary. However, if you have an older washing machine, you might find it doesn’t clean pads as thoroughly and you may opt to soak them very briefly in cold water (5 min max) to loosen any dried fluids before machine washing. If your washing machine has a pre-wash setting, you could also use that instead of soaking.

Reusable Menstrual Pad Sizing: Which One Do I Chose?

Our most popular reusable pad is the Medium Pad, ideal for moderate flow days and an excellent option for first-time cloth pad initiates unsure where to begin. The Small, Medium and Jetty Pads all contain the same interior layers and thus are all equally absorbent. The unique arrowhead shape of the Jetty Pad is a new creation, designed to maximize stability (keep it in place in your underwear) and offer increased coverage in the front. You can also find a similar shape in our Bitsy Pad, a small yet mighty option that offers even more absorbency than the Small, Medium and Jetty due to an additional interior layer of birdseye cotton.

If you’re looking for a seriously heavy duty option we recommend taking a peek at our largest sizes: Super, Super Overnight and Queen Pads. Each of these three sizes contain additional layers of organic fleece, for a substantially more absorbent pad. This massively increases the absorbency capabilities of the pads, making them ideal for postpartum care and periods of epic proportions. These larger sizes are also ideal replacements for disposable maxi pads, helping you save not only in your wallet, but also the planet!

If this doesn’t sound quite right and you are looking for something ideal for spotting, very light flow days and daily discharge, we recommend taking a look at our Liners page!

Certified Organic Cotton: You Bet!

Did I mention our curated collection of entirely organic cotton pads? For sensitive skin and a sensitive area, organic cotton options are a must-have! Our washable pads are available in a wide array of certified organic cotton and flannel fabrics. When we say certified organic cotton, we don’t just mean the top layer either. All interior layers of the pads are composed of certified organic cotton birdseye and certified organic fleece, depending on size. These are not stagnant patterns either, we are continually scouring the Earth for the best and most exciting designs out there. Being organic should never be boring and with these light breathable cotton pads you are sure to enjoy these pads for years to come!

Pairing With A Menstrual Cup? No Problem!

Our cloth menstrual pads are an ideal pairing for menstrual cups. They’re thin, yet absorbent build means that you have all the extra coverage you could dream of in case of any accidents! Our reusable menstrual pads are also great for pairing with Sea Sponges!

Eco Friendly

Party In My Pants reusable cotton pads aren’t just a great choice for your lifestyle, but for the planet as well! Did you know that one person creates 5 1/2lbs of waste per year using disposable period products? Over the course of an average menstruator’s life that is approximately 187lbs of waste all in disposable products! By switching to reusable menstrual pads you can help avoid sending all of those disposable pads to landfills and oceans. Our reusable pads last up to 5 years or 65 washes, meaning you won’t have to keep going back to the store or our site for replacements time and time again.

You can also recycle our pads at the end of their lifetime. No trash heap for these bad boys, just get out the scissors get snipping! You can cut out the interior layers of cotton and compost them. The waterproof nylon backing can be used to patch tents, raincoats and anything else you can think of! The snaps are made of a nickel-free metal alloy so those can be recycled or thrown out.