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Party In My Pants is the only reusable menstrual product brand I use and the only reusable pad brand I will recommend to others! The reusable liners have saved me from shelling out tons of money on disposable liners and several trips to the store. Washing the products is simple and only takes a few minutes out of my day. Plus, with all the fun patterns, you really can't go wrong!


If anyone who reads this is on the fence about trying cloth, just DO IT. My life is forever changed and every month I am HAPPY to get my period so I can put these cute pads to use. I have never had a leak and I tell every coworker and family member about this company and their products. 10/10 recommend! Seriously- after a year, my pads still look new. No smells, no stains. Easy to clean and transport around discreetly. And no crunchy wrappers to deal with!


I love the reusable cloth pads I get from Party in My Pants! Since I started using them, my periods have been a lot more comfortable, and even my cramps aren't as bad. There's so much variety in the designs, and I love the option to get an extra snap added for maximum adjustability. Plus, the option to donate a pad when I buy some for myself is the cherry on top of this feel-good, period-positive sundae.


Party Pants Pads help me feel more confident, clean, and happy during my period. Bringing these products into my lifestyle have helped me create less of an eco footprint! Plus, the fun patterns never cease to bring a smile :) thank you!!


I absolutely LOVE Party in My Pants pads! They are the best! They never leak and they have the most awesome prints. My collection includes the periodic table, starry night, jellyfish, astronauts (and even cat-stronauts that glow in the dark!), just to name a few. Also their customer service is top notch and they do rad things like support the Moontime Sister project. I recommend Party in My Pants to every menstruating human I know. 


I have quickly become the BIGGEST fan of Party in My Pants reusable products! As a person who menstruates, finding the right product for myself has been the biggest struggle. As I've gotten older, different products have come and gone in my life but nothing has stuck with me or made me feel like they were reliable enough to keep me clean and healthy.


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How are Party In My Pants pads different from other cloth pads?

Party In My Pants' all-in-one design makes for a thin, comfortable and easy to use pad. Most commercially available cloth pads have two separate parts: a holder and insert. Party In My Pants cloth pads have a cotton top layer, absorbent cotton core, and a unique leak-proof nylon bottom shield. No assembly required! Party In My Pants don't have fussy multiple parts that get lost or misplaced. And without separate pieces, PIMP pads won't shift or bunch uncomfortably.

Party In My Pants are top-stitched around the edge, while most other reusable pads are serge stitched. Serging is quicker, but not as durable. Some people find that a serge stitch chafes or just plain irritates their skin. Plus, you can only fix surge stitching if you have a special sewing machine. If needed, Party In My Pants are easily repaired with a regular sewing machine or needle and thread, giving your pad extra-long life!

And who said pads have to be boring anyway? Party In My Pants believes that your pads are an expression of your personal style, sense of humor, or a celebration of your cycle! Whether that means a pickle, dinosaur, or flower patterned pad, we've got a PIMP to match your unique style (and make you smile). No other company offers such a wide variety of fabric patterns or colors. You want choices? We've got 'em! offers over 20 different fabrics in each size. The selection changes often as we introduce new fabrics. Sign-up for our e-newsletter and be the first in the know about new patterns!

How much $ will I save by switching to cloth pads?

Click here and get an estimate of how much you will save with cloth pads. From menarche to menopause, you will typically bleed for 35 years and disposable menstrual products can cost you $3,000+ dollars over your menstruating years. If you buy organic disposables, you're probably spending twice as much. That's a trip to Greece! That's a fancy-schmancy bike! Maybe that's money you didn't have in the first place. By switching to Party In My Pants pads, you'll spend a fraction of that amount.

Everyone and every cycle is different, so click here and get an estimate of how much you will save with cloth pads. Maybe you'll be able to afford a few more student loan payments or keep yourself in a lifetime supply of chocolate.

But disposables are so convenient, why should I switch?

Party In My Pants will change the way you think and feel about your period. For the first time ever you'll actually look forward to that time of the month and when it comes, you’ll be comfier and happier than ever before. This isn’t marketing mumbo-jumbo. It's what customers tell us over and over. Even those who’d sworn off pads ‘til hell froze over. Even the most skeptical, squeamish turn around and say, “I love my PIMPs!”

Party In My Pants is about making folks happy. And it’s nice to know that happiness doesn’t cost our environment or our whole paycheck. In fact, you’ll save a bunch of $$ and live more sustainably. Disposable menstrual products can cost $10-20,000 dollars over menstruating years. (If you buy organic disposables, you’re probably spending twice as much.) That's a trip to Greece! That’s a lifetime supply of chocolate! By switching to Party In My Pants cloth pads, you'll spend about a third of that amount. What’s more, over 12 billion disposable menstrual products are thrown away in the U.S. alone. And their manufacture produces many, many times that in by-products and pollution.

How many pads do I need?

Some people find that they only need 6 pads or liners during their cycle, while others use 20+. Most people fall somewhere in-between. Once you've found the size(s) you like best, start building your collection based on the length and heaviness of your cycle. Looking to save a little? You can always wash your pads during your cycle and use them again right away. This isn't quite as convenient as have enough to last your whole period, but it's definitely an option. Keep in mind that since you're using your pads more often you probably have to replace them more frequently too. Party In My Pants will last for about 65 washings or 5-7 years – whichever comes first.

I have a super heavy flow. Will PIMPs work for me?

Absolutely! You'll probably need our Overnight or Queen pads on your heaviest days. PIMP cloth pads are so much more absorbent than disposables; they may even make things easier. More awesome: You'll spend less time changing your pads or tampons and worrying that they'll leak. Everyone using cloth pads for the first time should be a wee bit more vigilant about checking their PIMP. After a cycle or 2, you'll be familiar with the absorbency of a particular size and will know when to change it.

In some extreme cases, PIMPs might not be enough. If you have tidal flooding because of menopause or fibroids then you might need to pair your pad with a menstrual cup or sea sponge. No menstrual product – cloth, cup, sponge or disposable – is designed to hold such an amount of fluid by itself.